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an Americana Folk Roots Duo

...also performing with

Legends of THE DEEP


Debut Album

with The NARROWS


Third Album 

with Legends of THE DEEP

"This is bluesy “Americana” folk/rock for grownups, with meaningful lyrics."  

-Richard Flohil, Richard Flohil & Associates

“These songs make you think deeply, Steve Van Kessel is a fabulous songwriter. Do yourself a favour and get acquainted with the work of VK, it will not disappoint."

-Stevie Connor, Blues & Roots Radio

insist you seek them out and make a very worthwhile addition to your record collection. In the meantime, however, do not miss out on the stunning nine new tracks that re an absolute 'Charm'."

-Martin Noakes, Great Dark Wonder

“The vocals are smooth and mellow, with well-crafted lyrics and musical accompaniment that take the entire Americana sound to a new and different level.”

-Bob Leggett, LA Music Critic

"Terms & Conditions is one of those “sit back & relax” albums. The amazing vocals from Steve and the music from both Steve & Marni are one of the purest mixes of music I’ve heard in a long time."

-Carson Rowsell, Canadian Beats

"VK are back with a new album - album number three, and this time it's a wonderful bluesy Americana  folk-rock recording with their new band Legends of THE DEEP."

-Jan Hall, Folk Roots Radio



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'What Tomorrow Will Bring' - VK & Legends of THE DEEP - 'Charm'

'Letting Go' - VK & Legends of THE DEEP - 'Charm'

'What Makes Sense' - VK - 'Terms & Conditions'

'Edge Of the World' - from VK's album 'Terms & Conditions'

Featured in the legendary 'Mariposa Folk Festival' Promotional Video